La Distillerie de Paris distillery is run by Sébastien and Nicolas Julhès, two brothers who have been creating artisanal gins, vodkas, brandies, aged spirits and whiskeys. Now, they have launched their very first eau de parfume, which comes in bespoke box and bottle packaging by Quadpack (

The brothers apply the art of a perfumer to create an experience in each spirit. With the new fragrance, they have applied the art of distilling to perfumery. The alcohol from the still is expertly treated and used as the basis for an eau de parfum for men and women. 

Together with La Distillerie de Paris, the Quadpack team came up with a 100ml-thick glass bottle with a unique shape that reflects the brand’s background. Its elongated, spherical form features rounded edges and a generous shoulder unusual in perfumery, but typical of a spirit bottle. In a distinctive blue, the words ‘Made in Paris’ are embossed into the glass — a statement that declares its unique status as the only fragrance made in the city. 

The wooden cap is similarly reminiscent of the world of spirits. Made of sustainably sourced ash at the Quadpack Wood factory, it has a burnt top inspired by the wooden barrels used in the aging process of liquors.

A leather necklace, with a round metal pendant stamped with the brand’s logo, provides the finishing touch to the primary pack.

Parisian design agency Grismarine provided the specifications for the premium gift box. Developed by Quadpack’s secondary packaging department, it consists of a rigid drawer and sleeve made of grey board and wrapped with a deep blue matte paper. Inside the drawer is an inner frame with a black foam insert to hold the bottle. The blue-and-copper color scheme of the bottle is carried onto the outer sleeve, with copper lettering hot-stamped using Kurz Luxr foil. 

Nicolas Julhès spoke highly of the service provided by Quadpack: “I spent a lot of time crafting the perfume; for that part, my knowledge of spirits and distillation was useful. But when it came to packaging, everything became complicated. The protocols were very different compared to spirits. Meeting Quadpack changed everything. Respecting my view, they found the best solution and the best providers. Thanks to Quadpack, this part of the project which had been my nightmare became a great journey.”