Kombucha start-up FIX8 recently launched in the U.K., with brand creation by design agency B&B studio (bandb-studio.co.uk). The agency created  the brand’s positioning, name, visual identity, copywriting and packaging design for the new line.

In a nod to the health benefits of kombucha, including improved digestive health and increased energy levels, the new identity for FIX8 appeals to the core kombucha consumer for whom wellness is a positive addiction, with a commitment to health trends that goes above and beyond the norm.

Following a surge in consumer interest, the kombucha category has seen many new products enter the market. Many kombucha brands have taken design cues from other sectors such as beer, medicine and tea, defining their offer by what it isn’t.

Conversely, B&B studio’s new brand creation for FIX8 embodies everything that kombucha is with an identity that it is intense, compulsive and full of buzz. 

FIX8 flips the negative connotation and celebrates the power of positive addiction. Bold colors and graphics express the energizing sensation of consuming the drink, and layered, repeated imagery brings the identity to life – reflecting the living cultures within each bottle.

Available in Triple Ginger, Strawberry Tulsi and Citrus Saffron, Fix8 is available in glass bottles with a metal screw cap.