KM Packaging ( has launched KReseal PET e AF resealable lidding solution, delivering enhanced multiple peel and reseal capability to improve convenience and reduce product waste.

Part of the KReseal range, the new lidding film solution combines a reliable seal with leading-edge "multi-peel" functionality, allowing the lidding film to be peeled and resealed multiple times without losing adhesion. Sealing to aPET, rPET and some PET-lined pressed board trays, subject to testing, KReseal PET e AF can keep foods such as snacks, fresh fruit, meats and cheeses fresher for longer. It also helps to avoid contamination from other food products, including odor. 

The KReseal lidding film range provides packs with high barrier performance, excellent anti-fog properties and low oxygen permeability making it suitable for MAP applications. Full color printed solutions are also available, as well as macro holes, hot needle and laser perforation for advanced packaging solutions where applicable.