Brescia, Italy-based Antares Vision ( and ALP.I SPAC have reached an agreement to merge.The goal is to provide support for and accelerate the growth path undertaken by Antares Vision. 

Antares Vision is a leader in the pharmaceutical sector, in the design, realization and implementation of traceability solutions — hardware and software — with more than 2,000 installations in product lines in over 200 pharmaceutical facilities worldwide. 

Track & Trace, Visual Inspection and Smart Data Management are the main business lines on which Antares Vision’s fully scalable technology product offering is based. The company also offers a portfolio of maintenance and post-sales assistance services.

The pharmaceutical industry has an important regulatory component linked to drug anti-counterfeiting measures, meaning that such systems have been adopted earlier. However, Antares Vision believes that these tracking solutions will soon be extended to other non-pharmaceutical industrial sectors — such as food, beverages, biomedical devices, OTC drugs and cosmetics — which are equally demanding and sensitive to quality control and supply chain transparency issues.