Bosch Rexroth ( has increased its presence on the West Coast by reopening its Pleasanton, Calif., facility and adding space. First established in the late '90s, as a sales office is now a much larger mixed-use facility that contains offices, and new engineering, training rooms and conference areas.

One feature is the new warehouse and prototype shop that will be used to develop, build and test proof-of-concept solutions with our customers. This space will allow Rexroth to expand its capabilities in key markets such as  aerospace, semiconductor and electric vehicle markets.

With an already well-established engineering force on the east coast, the company looks forward to bringing its resources and expertise closer to key customers on the west coast with its technical solutions and best in class product line. There is space for Rexroth engineers to assemble prototypes and develop concept pieces for its west coast customers.

Additionally, Bosch Rexroth is able to leverage its connection with its parent Robert Bosch Corp., which allows access to Bosch’s state-of-the-art, 104,000 sq. ft. research facililty recently opened in Sunnyvale, Calif.