Maruho Hatsujyo Innovations (, the U.S. subsidiary of Maruho Co. Ltd., a Japanese healthcare company with subsidiaries in Europe and the U.S,, has introduced the EAGLE-Omni blister machine. Ideal for packaging development, materials testing and production, the machine performs forming, sealing and punching operations at sequential stations.

The compact EAGLE-Omni offers a format area of 150x95 mm, and a forming depth of 30mm (3cm) with an upgrade available to 40mm. The machine handles a wide range of forming materials – including PVC, PVDC, ACLAR, PP, PET and ALU – and all typical lidding substrates such as ALU, paper, PVC, PET and laminates. The machine can produce up to 20 blisters per minute and is suitable for packaging solids, powders, liquids or devices.

The deep-draw EAGLE-Omni is capable of everything from manual prototyping to fully automated operation. The option of a 40mm forming depth makes it ideal for nutritional products larger than traditional tablets or capsules, such as gummies, devices and other delivery formats. The machine allows seamless development and production combined with rapid, low-cost prototyping, and features recipe-driven format change, easy changeover and various feeding solutions.