The Better Skin Co. recently expanded their collection of green, clean beauty products with Super Shield Anti-Pollution Serum powered with White Horehound (an herb) designed to fight visible and invisible pollution damage.

"Pollution particles can speed up the aging of your skin," said Natalya Rachkova, co-founder of The Better Skin Co. and master esthetician. "They penetrate into your epidermis, mess with your cellular renewal and result in oxidative stress and hyperpigmentation."

"Cleansing your skin and wearing SPF can help, but you also need a powerful anti-oxidant to ward off all the damaging dust pollution we're exposed to every day."

The anti-pollution serum comes in a 1 oz. glass bottle with eyedropper for perfect dosage. The pastel pink colors with bright graphics are reminiscent of the psychedelic '60s and show a mighty though small bottle.