In the 15 years since BrandPackaging debuted, we’ve seen packaging transcend a solely utilitarian function to rightly take on a more strategic branding role. And people have seemed to notice. We asked a group of business leaders and cultural notables to share their favorite packaging designs. And their choices reveal a great deal: from the way packaging now permeates life’s little moments to how it serves as a reflection of our values and identities.

CLIFF KUANG, Editor of Fast Company's Co.Design

> Comme des Garcons
“Almost all fragrance bottles stand tall and thin. But this one lays flat, so you pick it up like a stone from a riverbed. That basic but unusual interaction fits perfectly with the product, which smells like nothing else. Every detail works together, to create something totally of a piece with Comme des Garcons.”

DAN PINK, Author of Drive and A Whole New Mind

 > Fage Greek Yogurt

“My favorite package design of the moment is the Fage Greek Yogurt that has a sidecar for fruit or honey.”

CINDY GALLOP, Advertising maven and founder,

 > Crystal Skull vodka

“I am particularly fond of this packaging because a) it makes a terrific ornament/display item for one’s home (it fits right into my black apartment) and b) when you’ve forgotten to lay in more vodka stocks in the freezer for martinis, you just go, ‘I know, I’ll tap the crystal skull’...”

ROBYN WATERS, President of RW Trend, former VP of Trend & Design for Target

 > The “O” series of Riedel wine glasses
“One of my current favorite products AND packaging concepts is the “O” series of Riedel wine glasses. I love that a very high-end manufacturer can reframe luxury and make it more affordable and practical. Everything is clean, modern and functional-an exceptional execution of basic materials. There are several versions. The original “O” TO GO is a single in a can-like tube, and even more unique is the Trio, a triangular box that’s probably a bit more difficult to merchandise.”

SETH GODIN, Best-selling author

 > the egg

“Eggs. One egg, actually.”