To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Campari introduced limited-edition labels refreshing the link between the brand and art. “Tradition has allowed us to look at Campari as a continuously evolving brand and our goal is to continue to establish ourselves as a pioneering leading brand, dictating and interpreting new trends and cultures,” says Cesare Vandini, group marketing director for Gruppo Campari. Three contemporary artists were chosen to express their personal interpretation of Campari in the label. The first label, designed by art collective avaf, features an illustration of a strong, independent woman who looks like a mix between jazz singer Nina Simone and Egyptian queen Nefertiti. The second label, created by performance and watercolor artist Vanessa Beecroft, also focuses on the female image. This woman is wrapped in long, red hair, reflecting the glass of Campari she is holding. The third label, digitally designed by Tobias Rehberger, showcases an abstract concept, featuring bright colors, and built around the concept of a “magic potion” or “bewitched beverage.”

March 2010