Baumgartens has introduced environmentally friendly Conserve cleaning supplies that do not contain water. The range of cleaners-glass, multi-surface, bathroom and odor eliminator-is sold in tablet form and mixed with water when ready to use. The format is said to eliminate 75 percent of waste. Conserve cleaners also cost up to 50 percent less than other green cleaners and up to 40 percent less than national brands of conventional liquid cleaners, Baumgartens reports. “We are able to achieve these cost-savings for consumers because our products have eliminated the heaviest ingredient in household cleaners…water,” says David Baumgarten, vice president, Baumgartens. “Without water weight, we lower shipping weight by 85 percent and use 75 percent less space, as each empty bottle comes with four tablets…the equivalent of four full bottles of conventional liquid cleaner.” (Package design: Baumgartens,