Jones Soda joins forces with the quirky accessories and apparel brand So So Happy for the launch of a co-branded line of limited-edition sodas. The collection of four 12oz glass bottles features one of So So Happy’s four signature characters, including Taco, Waffle, Ozzie and Tribe. The creatures’ whimsical personalities also carry over to the sodas’ flavors and names (e.g., Give Taco FuFu Berry Soda or Tribe likes Green Apple Soda). The bottles will be sold as a four-pack that includes one of each variety.

"So So Happy is all about individuality, creativity and helping people to embrace the wonder and weirdness of life," said Cindy Bailey, president of So So Happy Studio. "The collaboration with Jones Soda is the perfect way to reach all of our devoted fans with a unique, cool product that's going to brighten their day."

July 2011

Package design
Jones Soda, www.jonessoda.comand So So Happy,