Heat-sensitive ink changes color when liquer is perfectly chilled.


TUACA Liqueur’s limited-edition packaging features a thermochromatic ink that tells the consumer when the product has reached the perfect “chilled” serving temperature. 

Custom artwork is by world-famous tattoo artist Corey Miller, whose signature also adorns the bottle. A tattoo of the brand’s lion is printed with thermochromatic ink that changes color when temperatures increase or decrease. When the Tuaca bottle reaches the perfect temperature, the color changes from silver to blue, but as the bottle returns to room temperature, the original light silver color returns.

The overall bottle design represents the rich history of Tuaca.  For example, the two lions Miller referenced in his work are the historic guardians of architecture seen throughout Florence. The handwritten script of Tuoni & Canepa at the top of the vertical, front-facing label has decorated the Tuaca bottle for generations.  The Tuaca crest at the bottom of the label pays homage to the crest of the House of Medici. 


The 750-ml Tuaca Perfect Chill Bottle will retail for $21.99.


Launched: November 2011 

Launched: November 2011