Sparkling water that really sparkles conveys Pellegrino's prestige positioning and its Italian heritage.

For a limited time, S.Pellegrino bottles in fine dining restaurants will have a new label. The Special Edition S.Pellegrino Sparkles with Bulgari bottle features the image of a yellow gold necklace embellished by brilliant cut diamonds, turquoises, amethysts and cabochon emeralds. The label is paper, as on the standard bottle, but with a special metal-like treatment that gives a golden effect. 


The bottle design was a collaboration between the S.Pellegrino marketing team and Bulgari creative team. The actual label was created by the Italian design agency, Paolo Castello Studio di Grafica s.a.s. The special-edition bottle signifies a partnership between S.Pellegrino and Bulgari, two Italian brands that share common values, that represents a step towards the creation of a one-of-a-kind “Made in Italy” hallmark. 


Launch: October 2011

Label design: Paolo Castello Studio di Grafica s.a.s.