The story: Established in 1971, the Crock-Pot® brand introduced consumers to the concept of slow cooking. But as anyone who has since retired her avocado-hued slow cooker can tell you, a lot has changed since the brand’s inception.


The challenge: The practice of slow cooking is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, likely due to consumers’ busy lifestyles and a growing focus on healthy eating. But the Crock-Pot brand’s identity, and packaging, had become dated, and its marketing team decided a redesign was in order.


The goal: Crock-Pot® partnered with brand identity and packaging design firm Hughes Design Group to revamp its logo and packaging to link the brand to the modern kitchen, and cook.


The solution: The Hughes team conducted extensive research to uncover the perception of the brand at the category and consumer level. They soon found that, despite enviable shelf real estate, inconsistent branding and dated brand design meant the Crock-Pot® brand could make more of its position.


The team, which looked to lifestyle magazines like Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living for inspiration, selected a new palette of colors that conveyed the concepts of healthy nourishment and nurturing. Burgundies and creams that evoked more staid or traditional imagery were replaced with colors that speak of world spices, savory veggies and fresh fruits.


A redesigned logo now features an “aroma” icon that was added as a visual and emotional cue to suggest the sensory aspect of the slow cooker experience. Product photography is clean and modern, depicting meals that today’s sophisticated cook would aspire to make for her family.


A segmentation strategy makes sense of the various offerings, and is based on shopper behavior, unifying the product line while allowing room for product differentiation and new launches. Distinctive display panels on the packaging communicate features and promotions without compromising brand focus, a previous concern.


“This is an important moment in the Crock-Pot® brand history,” says global brand development manager Meagan Bradley. “This brand is seen by millions of people every day and has touched the lives of so many. The change to the logo, imagery and packaging ensures the Crock-Pot® brand will go forward into the future with a strong, contemporized image.”


The results: The new brand identity and packaging is part of a fully integrated campaign. The Crock-Pot® brand reinforced its leadership position in the category and created a better shopping experience. BP