Despite being a small company in a large category, Me4Kidz has made a name for itself. However, after five and a half years, it was time to update the look and feel of the brand's identity.  



The story: Every time Richelle Nassos’ son got an “owiee,” he would back away in fear of the first aid kit. Frustrated by the lack of kid-friendly options, the mother of three and her husband, Peter, launched the Me4Kidz brand in late 2005 with its first product, the Medibag-a first aid kit for kids with colored gloves, crayon-shaped bandages, smiley-face stickers and more. Following the success of the Medibag, the husband and wife team introduced the Medibuddy, a smaller, more portable first aid kit, and the Diaper Bag Buddy, a slim case packed with baby essentials, including lotion, diaper rash cream and wipes.

The challenge: Despite being a small company in a large category, Me4Kidz has made a name for itself, selling in more than 10 countries and U.S. stores like Target and Toys R Us. However, after five and a half years, Richelle and Peter felt that their packaging appealed to a limited demographic.

“Being a mother of three boys, I used all my children for the [images on the] packaging. So if there was a mom buying something and she had a girl, she may not have been able to relate to having all boys on the packaging. Or if there was someone of another race, they might not have been able to relate to having all white children on the packaging,” says Richelle Nassos.

Me4Kidz turned to New York-based Flood Creative to update the look and feel of the brand’s identity and the Medibag, Medibuddy and Diaper Bag Buddy packaging. The new design aims to retain the warmth and family-feel of the packaging, but at the same time, appeal to a larger, more diverse audience.

The solution: Designers wanted to stay away from the traditional A-B-C, 1-2-3 feel of kids’ packaging, and instead, create a design that was modern and simple, yet still warm and friendly. 

They began by changing the overall color palette. Research indicated that consumers purchase products they feel safe and comfortable with. In terms of first aid, that is typically white packaging. Therefore, gone are the bright red doctor’s bag and gender-specific (pink, yellow, red and blue) slim cases. Instead, Flood switched to more, neutral unisex colors, including white for the Medibag and Diaper Bag Buddy and red, blue, green and orange for the Medibuddy. Additionally, the logo is now gray, and the handles on the Medibag are red. 

They also eliminated the boy and baby characters from the front of the Medibuddy, Medibag, and Diaper Bag Buddy, respectively, and replaced them with animal illustrations. Kids and their parents can now choose from a monkey or dog for the Medibag; frog, monkey, dog or penguin for the Medibuddy; and giraffe for the Diaper Bag Buddy.

“The design now juxtaposes the colder, more clinical nature of the grey logo and white bag with the innocent, just for kids-feel of the animal illustrations” says Renee Whitworth, partner at Flood Creative.

Although they updated their packaging to align with consumer needs, Me4Kidz has not changed their mission or process. They are committed to employing only members of the disabled community. The products are also 100 percent manufactured in the USA, and, save for the first aid kit handles, are made of recycled plastic.

“We wanted to keep their family and their personal mission as part of the package. But we wanted that to be the reason to believe, and not the main attraction,” says Whitworth. As a result, they moved the Nassos family photo from the front to the back of the packaging and added a brief company bio.

The new packaging is set to start shipping the first week in August and roll out through the beginning of October.

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Flood Creative, 845.353.3815