Marketing To One

Bob Swientek - Editor-in-Chief

Can you imagine a day when you can create personalized products and packages that meet the individual needs of your core consumers? And do this cost effectively?
That day is here, and Bob Scherer, Vice President, CL&D Digital, will discuss “Practical Techniques for Customizing and Personalizing Your Packaging” at BrandPackaging’s Packaging That Sells II Conference. This year’s event will focus on “Driving Brand Growth Through Powerful Packaging.”
The two-day conference will take place June 9-10, 2004, at the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel in Chicago.
Scherer’s presentation will target the benefits of personalized packaging and the challenges to implementation. He will also address printing and production options and examples in the marketplace.
Alex Zelikovsky, Executive Vice President & COO,, will co-present with Scherer.—an Internet HBA marketer—enables consumers to customize their products and packaging. This tactic creates a “just for me” brand with strong emotional bonds.
Other speakers and topics include:
  • Eric Ryan, Co-Founder, Method Home Care, will talk about “Reinventing Mature Product Categories Through Packaging Innovation.”
  • Robyn Waters, Executive Director—Trending and Consumer Experience, Lipson Alport Glass & Associates (LAGA), will discuss “Enchanting Paradoxes: Capturing the Consumer’s Imagination.”
Prior to joining LAGA earlier this year, Waters spent 10 years at Target Stores in Minneapolis as Vice President Trend, Design and Product Development.
Peter Clarke, President, Product Ventures, and Shane Meeker, Industrial Design Manager – Global Fabric & Home Care, Procter & Gamble, will do a joint presentation on “Successful Brand Extension: Relevant Differentiation Through Structural Package Design.”
Colleen Dehmer of General Mills will share her perspective on “Winning at the Shelf: How Packaging Connects with Your Consumer.”
The conference will also include an optional workshop on “Creating Packaging That Sells: Innovating in Real Time.”
Workshop participants will learn concrete, hands-on innovation skills taken from improvisational theater. Working with a real-live case—a seemingly unsolvable industry problem—attendees will navigate (“yes, and”) their way through roadblocks, team issues and the barriers of their own thinking to create new solutions in ways not typically employed in the workplace.
Gretchen Gogesch, President of Integrale, will facilitate the workshop. Gogesch’s clients include Fortune 500 companies in the U.S., Australia and Asia.
For more information on the conference and workshop and to register, call 866.265.1975 or visit