‘Green-to-Go’ Adds Fresh Impact in Salads

Refrigerated salad is the latest category to show just how effective a packaging change can be, with one new entry in the category receiving a 97 percent consumer approval rating.
The entire category accounts for $366.8 million in sales, up 7.5 percent, according to recent scanner data from Information Resources Inc. Private label is the largest segment with $151.6 million.
However, the Bistro To Go Bowl Salads—on the store shelf just a few months—have already amassed a 97 percent overall satisfaction rating from consumers who’ve tried the product.
The brand, from Ready Pac Produce, Irwindale, Calif., comes in packaging that repositions salads as portable, single-serve products. A major difference from bagged salads is that consumers mix the Bistro To Go ingredients just before eating the salad.
Consumers say in follow-up market research that this enhancement puts the product freshness and taste on a par with restaurant quality. It creates perceptions of a truly premium product.
The salads appeal to consumers who want to eat a healthful meal while on the go.
Lid-stock film functions as a tamper-evident seal over a tray that’s compartmentalized to separate each of the salad ingredients. The tray rests atop a bed of lettuce. Compartmentalized packaging avoids the problem of “soggy salads,” which occurs when the manufacturer premixes ingredients prior to placing them inside the package. By keeping the ingredients separate inside the package, Ready Pac Produce extends the shelf life of its product.

Top 10
Dollar Sales
% Change vs.
Prior Year
Private Label $151.6 -0.9
Resers $51.2 52.9
Fresh Express $34.1 16.8
Dole $30.1 6.6
Blue Ridge Farms $8.5 29.7
Manns Sunny Shores $8.3 69.3
Yoders $4.1 12.4
Frosty Fresh $3.8 38.4
Green Hill $3.7 -5.2
River Ranch $3.1 -7.1
Category $366.8 7.5