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Easy Access Container Invites Consumers to Share
“Giftable” and “everyday” paperboard packaging takes Nestlé Products’ beloved Turtles chocolate clusters out of the typical segmented trays and into contemporary forms that redefine both the brand communications and the eating experience. One80 Design ( was responsible for both the conceptual and design development effort for the new package structure lineup.
The “giftable” container (above left) offers a strong vertical orientation, faceted corners and a removable snap-fit lid for easy access. Individually wrapped Turtles tempt consumers through a brand integrated die-cut window. The “everyday” container (above right) is broader to support a unique feature: When the faceted snap-fit lid is removed, opposing sides of the box lean outward for easy access (and convenient sharing with family and friends).
GET A GRIP: Hand cream with a rubberized lid targets men
You can tell a lot by someone’s hands—if they’re cracked, dried and split, for example, you know theirs are “working hands”. That’s the niche the O’Keeffe’s Company has been targeting in the 10 years it has marketed O’Keeffe’s Working Hands cream. These days, though, the brand is looking to do a little more male bonding. A new flat polypropylene jar touted as a “grip pack” has recently been introduced in a can’t-miss color scheme of orange and lime green and with a rubberized tool-like grip on a lid that’s sized to fit your palm. Though it doesn’t replace O’Keeffe’s classic white jar, the design is intended to make a stronger impact with male consumers and, according to the Sisters, Oregon-based company, the hardware and home center retail channel. This new packaging is available in 3.4-ounce and 5-ounce sizes ($7.99 and $9.99 respectively) and marks O’Keeffe’s entry into the flurry of personal care products targeting men.
Automated unit simplifies shower cleaning duties
Convenience is king with daily shower cleaners. And the ever-growing consumer demand for better performance and ease-of-use is driving innovation in the category. S.C. Johnson & Son’s Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner hangs from a shower head and features a sprayer that, with a touch of a button, spins 360 degrees to cover a six-foot shower/tub with cleaner. The convenient time-delay start ensures that it’s the shower getting sprayed, not you.
According to the manufacturer, the patented formula works with the water on bathroom walls to prevent soap scum and mold and mildew stains and to keep showers cleaner, longer. Results are guaranteed (with daily use) after two to three weeks. Offered at a suggested retail price of $24.99, the unit is blister-packed in a windowed box with two 34-ounce bottles of cleaner and four AA alkaline batteries—everything to get the unit started. Each bottle lasts up to three weeks. Refills are $3.99.
Kid Appeal is “Clear” in new Flavored Spring Water Pouch
When you’re entering the hotly contested kids’ beverage pouch market, the need to differentiate is pretty clear. In fact, for American Beverage Corp., the point of distinction for its new Guzzler Fruit Rapids beverage is in the clear packaging itself: the Verona, PA-based firm recently introduced naturally flavored spring water in a transparent stand-up pouch that stands out from the colored and foil-based pouches favored by category leaders. The see-through package lets little tykes watch their water disappear as they sip and its hourglass-shaped ensures a snug fit in their tiny hands. This no calorie vitamin-packed beverage receives high praise for answering mom’s call for healthy treats while simultaneously offering kids a healthy dose of “cool”. The 6.75-ounce pouches are packed in an eight-count corrugated carton with a retail price of $2.49.