Warm, Rich Colors Reinforce Distinctive Theme; Portable Package Makes Cereal a Snack.

International Fare originates from worldwide packaging research at GIO Global Intelligence, Chicago. GIO conducts fieldwork in product categories in 27 countries to gain insights on how packaging appeals to local consumers.
Warm, Rich Colors Reinforce Distinctive Theme
Douwe Egberts France S.A takes a functional “package within a package” design, and adds an elegant finish to distinguish its Lor Absolu cube from coffee cans and vacuum-packed bags. The bright gold and the rich browns reinforce this package’s theme of opulence and distinction. The boxes are covered in textured paper that adds to the overall richness. The innovative packaging features a hinged overlid and solid construction that add to the grace, while still being eminently functional.   The rectangular shape optimizes shelf space and enhances stackablity, thus giving it a distinct advantage over the competition.
Portable Package Makes Cereal a Snack
Barilla’s Pavesi brand has reinvented breakfast by advancing the Italian tradition of dunking biscotti and creating a new line of portable snacks.  Targeting young consumers, Frollis is more than just a cereal, it is also a snack. The colorful packaging educates and entices curious customers. Vivid graphics show the biscotti snacks floating on top of a bowl of pure white milk. The tapered base of the box gives this tall, thin resealable container a statuesque appearance. This slight inversion cleverly highlights the Frollis’ logo.  
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