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Marketer hits on another ‘sweet’ innovation—the tablet dispenser.
Ethylene gas absorber aims to extend shelf life of fruits, vegetables.
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Merisant Co. has a reputation as a packaging innovation leader in sweeteners. It reinforces this position by introducing its Equal brand of sweetener in tablet form.
Packaging takes tabletop sweetener out of the kitchen and makes it portable. A palm-sized, ergonomically shaped plastic container, called Easy Squeeze Travel Pack, dispenses 100 tablets.
Users push the red trigger to dispense a tablet. Each tablet is equivalent to 1 teaspoon of sugar.
Package copy states, “Take great taste, 0 calories wherever you go!”
Suggested retail price is $2.49.
This is another example of packaging that can increase sales by extending a product’s usage occasions outside the home or office.
Procter & Gamble adds to the wipes trend in the dish detergent category with Dawn Wash & Toss. Twenty disposable wipes, infused with dish liquid, come in a clear, thermoformed tub that uses a proprietary source of polyethylene terephthalate.
A clear-blue PET lid covers the 3.9-by-5.1-inch tub. A debossed Dawn Ultra Concentrated logo appears on the lid.
The wipes contain a plastic mesh on one side to create what P&G calls the “scrubbing side.” Package copy says this side of the wipe can tackle tougher stains.
The reverse side is the “softer side,” for gentler cleaning. A single wipe contains enough liquid soap to clean an entire load of dishes, the manufacturer claims.
Suggested retail price is $2.99.
Dish-soap wipes present a handy convenience item for use both around the house—including the grill—and for on-the-road tasks, such as cleaning baby bottles.
Gas-Absorbing 'Shells' Could Reduce Spoilage
Both marketers and consumers have long grappled with the challenge of keeping fruits and vegetables fresher longer after they arrive home from the store.
East Wind Distribution, Evanston, Wyo., believes it has come up with one solution for extending produce shelf life with the E.G.G. Ethylene Gas Guardian. The manufacturer says its egg-shaped “shells,” made of recyclable food-grade polystyrene, absorb ethylene gas that fruits and vegetables emit. This gas accelerates the ripening and rotting of produce.
Promotional copy claims the product works for up to three months, and the Organic Materials Review Institute has approved the contents for use in organic food production.
Two shells per package come in pink, blue or gold. They rest in a rack-display blister pack.
Suggested retail price is $3.99.