Following Up on Developing Trends

Often, after we print an article in BRANDPACKAGING, we uncover added information on a trend we’ve identified. Here is more on a recent trend.
Molson Canada will launch its latest entry into the beer market, Molson Kick, in the award-winning aluminum bottle from CCL’s Container division. Pittsburgh Brewing’s Iron City was the first brand to use the CCL aluminum bottle for its beer packaging; we reported on the trend in our November 2004 issue.
“Molson selected the 355 mL aluminum bottle because it not only offers a contemporary, stylish package, but also because it chills faster and is lighter than a glass bottle,” reports Rami Younes, president of CCL Container. “The sleek design of this bottle and its silver metallic look is something beer drinkers will enjoy holding in their hands.”
The bottle features vibrant red and white graphics set against a brushed aluminum finish. A matching red crown cap adorns the top. The container shape is similar to that of a traditional glass beer bottle, however, the distinctive properties of aluminum take the package to new dimensions, both in appearance and tactile appeal.
The new brew, which contains a kick of guarana (a natural source of caffeine found in South America), will be available exclusively at bars and clubs across Canada and at Liquor Control Board of Ontario retail outlets. BP
Where to go for more information...
Aluminum bottles. At CCL Container, contact Ed Martin, vice president of sales and marketing, at 203.354.4523 or