A Bright Stroke In a Sea of Blue
By Jennifer Acevedo
We often make the point that half of all packaged goods on the shelf have no advertising support. But how often is the reverse true? It’s certainly the exception to the rule for a brand owner to commit significant advertising dollars to announce new packaging. But that’s exactly what Kimberly-Clark has done to support bold, contemporary new packaging for its Kotex brand products.
Kimberly-Clark has reportedly allocated 30 percent of the brand’s annual advertising and promotion budget to make consumers aware of new packaging graphics geared to a new generation of young women. The supporting in-store promotion, including redesigned signage and displays, will be the largest marketing effort ever for the Kotex brand.
The new graphics build on the fresh, contemporary approach of the Kotex brand’s iconic “Red Dot” advertising campaign, with visuals that feature a vivid red flower on a bright white background designed to stand out in a “sea of blue” packaging in the category. Different blossoms on the new “flowerful” packaging will distinguish each distinct product. The Kotex logo has also been redesigned to communicate a new modern, strong and bold brand identity.
The restyled Kotex graphics are based on insights gathered from Kimberly-Clark’s extensive research with women around the world. Consumers described the feminine care aisle as “boring, intimidating and predictable” and called it a confusing place to shop for their brand. The new packaging hopes to improve the shelf visibility of the Kotex brand and increase the likelihood that it will be among the first brands seen. In addition, information on the type of pad, absorbency level and quantity has been clearly placed on the front and top of the package to help consumers easily find the correct product.
The new packaging rollout will be supported by a 360-degree marketing campaign that includes television and print advertising, in-store promotion (including animated shelf signs that “morph” from old to new graphics) and an online campaign. BP
The author, Jennifer Acevedo, is the Editor-in-Chief of BRANDPACKAGING magazine