International Fare originates from worldwide packaging research at GIO Global Intelligence, Chicago. GIO conducts fieldwork in product categories in 27 countries to gain insights on how packaging appeals to local consumers.
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Three-in-One Dispenser Eliminates Clutter
Freshorize 3 in 1 is the answer to an inventor’s problem. After suffering through less than pleasant smelling airline restrooms, inventor Aziz Patel designed a product that dispenses soap, fragrance and air freshener all at the same time. The integrated package is designed to eliminate the need for separate soap dispenser, fragrance and spray air freshener bottles. As the soap’s pump action dispenser is pressed, a whiff of neutralizing air freshener is simultaneously released. A fragrance gel continuously deodorizes the environment for up to 30 days. Especially designed for airline restrooms that have numerous users, the container features a base with a screw thread that connects directly into the counter top, making it easily replaceable.
Functional Book Dispenses, Stores Pills
The functionality factor is high with the cleverly designed Panadol Compack pill book. The design combines a number of functional aspects that increase the user experience and make the package unlike other pain medication dispensers. The inside front and back covers of the book contain all necessary product information, which remains at the consumer’s fingertips until the last pill has been taken. The staggered pills save room and reinforce the structural integrity of the package. As the medicine is consumed, the blister pack is punctured, exposing the exact number of remaining pills—without having to shake a bottle to guess. The slim design, no larger than a pack of cigarettes, fits easily into a purse or a coat pocket.
Countoured Bottle for Soup On-the-Go
This packaging creates opportunities for consumers that a soup can never could. The microwaveablity, resealablity and portability give Campbell’s Liebig Legere a distinct advantage over its competition. Soup no longer requires a bowl and a spoon; instead, it is a fresh food that can be consumed on-the-go. The bottle’s indented waist reflects the shape of the figure on the front of the package. A full-body shrink sleeve relays valuable information to the consumer, outlining health and nutritional benefits. The size and contour of the package’s body fits nicely in the consumer’s hand, adding to portability—an especially attractive feature for today's active consumer.
Streamlined Shape Conveys Active Positioning
Over the past few years, the name Mennen has become synonymous with active men’s personal care products, and Mennen Sport II follows this trend. These ergonomically shaped, translucent shower gel containers angle forward, creating a feeling of movement, reinforcing brand image. The combination of a textured grip, a one-finger snap top and the deep blue color speak to men, setting this product apart from other less masculine competitors.  An advantage to this carefully designed packaging is its shelf presence; while other bottles stand tall, Mennen Sport II pushes forward. The contoured and distinctive shape of the package also allow it to nest neatly with its counterparts on the shelf.