International Fare originates from worldwide packaging research at GIO Global Intelligence, Chicago. GIO conducts fieldwork in product categories in 27 countries to gain insights on how packaging appeals to local consumers.
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Convenient Condiment Packs Eliminate Mess
Heinz Belgium’s SqueezMe! concept features a simple and effective twist and tear opening device designed to meet the growing consumer demand for convenience. After opening, the packet (which contains condiments such as ketchup) dispenses the product easily and without the mess associated with other condiment packs. Its distinctive shape is enhanced by double-sided printing, which highlights the trusted Heinz logo and colors. The package is constructed of a high barrier coextruded PS/EVOH/PE material from RPC Cobelplast ( that accepts high quality printing and enhances shelf life.
Body Wash Packaging Turns Heads
Unique, bold and even a little bit risqué, here is a product that will challenge the average man’s comfort zone. Already well known for its head-turning name, Fcuk has introduced a line of men’s body wash that not only challenges the eye, but also tantalizes the hand. A bright textured rubber grip provides a tactile contrast to the smooth, black cylindrical body.  It’s the edginess of the packaging that makes it so attractive to the group of men that would be bold enough to buy this product.
Package Structure Suggests Style and Sophistication
Packaging should do more than just contain a product; it must also explain and reinforce that product’s benefits. Garnier’s OBAO deodorant’s semitransparent packaging suggests style and sophistication, while the fruity colors reinforce the sweet and fresh feeling of the product inside. The color actually enhances the expectation of the anticipated smell. Its rounded base fits nicely into the hand, making this product feel like more than just a run of the mill deodorant.
Toothpaste Package Eases Dispensing Troubles
For years, messy, rolled-up, half-used containers of toothpaste have been the source of frustration in homes around the world. The Teraxyl ink pen snaptop delivery system eliminates the mess and hassle of ordinary toothpaste containers. The gently indented ink pen package design allows for ease of use while eliminating the need for rolling, trying to empty the tube. As the package stands on its top, gravity pushes the product contained within downward, thus creating efficient delivery of and access to the toothpaste. Unlike conventional toothpaste tubes, this package retains its form and its presentation throughout the product's use.
Drink Packaging Evokes Memories of Frozen Delights
Ferrero’s Kinder chocolates has extended its brand with the Happy Time chocolate ice cream drink. This is an excellent example of how packaging can make a drink more than just a drink—at least in the eyes of a child. Each package is shaped like an ice cream cone and—true to its form—it even has trouble standing upright on its own. The curved cone base makes it easy for any size of hand to hold, while the twirl on the top reinforces the look of chocolaty goodness atop an ice cream cone.
Rich, Creamy Graphics Create a Soothing Experience
Sanex has challenged the norm in this bottle of men’s body cream. A stylized sleeve wraps around the clear plastic container, suggesting that what one sees on the outside is really the product on the inside. The label’s rich and creamy graphics reinforce the soothing and healing benefits of the cream. The inverted bottle, which sits on its top, adds to the ease of delivery of the thick body cream inside. Texture also plays a part in the physical presentation: the raised ridges on the flip top offer a compelling tactile experience.