Packaging Demystifies the Martini
By Rob Croft
Progress can sometimes be defined as the elimination of something we don’t really need. For example, a “really good” dry Martini means that (ironically) hardly any dry vermouth is present. According to cocktail aficionados, the correct amount of vermouth is a light coating on the inside of a chilled Martini glass. Of course getting the proper coating on the glass and not adding too much is all part of the mystique of cocktail preparation. In fact, the number one reason that people don’t make cocktails at home is: they don’t know how.
Our Mig 21 packaging concept demystifies the making of a perfect Martini and actually provides the correct volumes of the key ingredients. The package consists of an aluminum chamber of fine (birch filtered) vodka, with a closure that doubles as a vermouth mister. The mister is actually a pump that can’t be actuated until it is removed from the bottle. It shares the same “deco” aluminum form language as many cocktail shakers and its structure is reminiscent of the nose of a Russian Mig 21 fighter jet—an aircraft, by the way, that was shrewdly designed to run on vodka, should jet fuel not be available.
When they remove the cap/mister, consumers can pour the vodka through a pro-speed pour fitment that features an air inlet manifold. The component is fitted into the finish with twin openings that are gasketed with the underside of the mister.
The masculinity of the product is dialed up and the rituals of “shaking” the cool aluminum canister and “misting the glass” can be enjoyed. Of course, the consumer’s perception will be that the vodka will be stronger and purer than any pre-mixed cocktail offerings.
Packaging in the vodka category tends to be uniform, with most manufacturers showcasing product clarity and offering up dreary romance copy that speaks of heritage and process. This Mig 21 concept addresses the category in a revolutionary way—with fresh, hip, masculine cues—and without the need to walk out of the liquor store with two bottles on Martini night. BP