Clear Aseptic Pouch Wins with Kids
Mexican beverage company Jumex chose what is reportedly the world’s first clear aseptic package for the launch of its Nautix line of fruit drinks aimed at six- to 12-year-old kids. Tetra Wedge™ Aseptic Clear from Tetra Pak ( delivers 100 percent transparency, so consumers can see the product inside, while also providing a patented barrier technology that protects the product. A straw-hole pocket that guides the straw to the best position to puncture the straw-hole patch eliminates the frustration of unsuccessful attempts to puncture other flexible pouches. Aseptic technology means the beverage stays fresh and tasty without the need for refrigeration or preservatives. Following the launch of this 6.75-ounce package in Mexico, Tetra Pak plans to bring the technology to the U.S.

UK Wine Drinkers Ready to Chill
Since 1992, the Australian wine brand Jacob’s Creek has been the biggest-selling wine in the UK. And it’s bound to have attracted more attention with its chill-level wine labels. Reportedly the first wine brand to introduce temperature-sensitive labels, Jacob’s Creek instituted the labels last summer as a promotional tactic to encourage impulse sales of its sparkling chardonnay pinot noir, sparkling rosé and shiraz rose varieties. The new chill-level labels advised consumers when the wines were at the ideal temperature for drinking. Along with the labels, the bottles came with a neck tag that reads “Enjoy Chilled”. A national advertising and sampling campaign supported the label introduction.

Clear Label Delivers Premium Look
Premium packaging for new mineral water brand Icelandic Glacial got its world premier at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Square half-liter and one-liter bottles feature a striking relief design that is reminiscent of the product’s glacial heritage. A clear SI-OPS sleeve label from Sleever International ( emphasizes the purity of the water and makes the most of the bottle’s structure.

“A large part of the design is actually on the reverse of the sleeve,” says Eric Masson, Sleever International’s European sales director. “You see it through the bottle and get a play of light with the water which makes for an attractive and striking effect.”

The innovative label design also features a metallic silver ink with a technical varnish that closely imitates the appearance of foil blocking.