Following Up on Developing Trends
A new breed of marketing is pushing past the traditional demographic approach and instead zeroing in on consumer values. Dubbed “value-based” demographics, the theory is that if you can identify what’s really important to your customers—the touchstones they reference while shopping—you can deliver. We first wrote about this trend in the October 2005 issue of BRANDPACKAGING.

When Natura, a leading cosmetics and personal care company based in Sao Paolo, Brazil, decided to launch its “next generation” line of deodorant packaging, an environmentally friendly approach was top of mind.

The brand’s corporate environmental philosophy is supported by four “pillars”: packaging should be refillable; recyclable or composed of recycled materials; reusable; and sourced from reduced raw materials. Natura turned to Rexam Dispensing Systems for design and concept ideas that embodied this commitment.

“We challenged Rexam to achieve specific goals,” says Renato Wakimoto, Natura R&D packaging manager. “We wanted to preserve the Natura product identity, which is an icon in the deodorant market, but at the same time reduce environmental impact, make sure the package was easily refillable and optimize its supply chain.”

First to undergo the transformation was the men’s “Sr N de Natura” product. The result is a sleek, modern package that features a screw plug on the bottom of the bottle for refilling the original retail product. The Rexam actuator and TNP pump mechanism fit flush with the oval outline of the bottle’s crown, maintaining the package’s smooth, elegant shape. The Natura logo is silk-screened on the container’s surface.  BP

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