Following Up On Developing Trends

Consumers continue to go to great lengths to ensure that their furry friends are well-cared for family members, and nutrition is no exception. We first wrote about this trend in the January 2006 issue of BRANDPACKAGING (archived at
Succulent meat, wild rice, barley, pasta, spinach, green beans and carrots: surely these must be ingredients for a hearty stew simmered for hours then served to guests at a mountain-top cabin. Not exactly; you see, this “stew” is for Fido.
Purina has launched Beneful Prepared Meals, a nutritious family-style meal for dogs, in ready-to-serve plastic containers. The clear containers (developed by Printpack’s Rampart Packaging division) make it easy for consumers to see the ingredients inside. A plastic lid allows for convenient resealing, a plus for petite pooches that can’t consume the 10 ounces of product in one sitting.
“One of the biggest trends we are seeing among pet owners is the desire to feed their dogs the way they feed themselves—choosing food that is made with real, high quality ingredients that offer the perfect balance of taste and nutrition,” says Steve Crimmins, vice president of dog food marketing for Nestlé Purina PetCare. “We are the first pet food manufacturer to put a clear container on the shelf that enables pet owners to actually see the quality of the product.”
Hands-on consumer involvement brought Beneful Prepared Meals to life. “Highly involved” dog owners were asked to create their ideal dog food from a virtual farmer’s market of real, wholesome ingredients. Beneful nutritionists adapted the recipes to ensure that they provide 100 percent complete nutrition.
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