Stand Up And Be Counted
Jennifer Acevedo,
Since its inception 10 years ago, BRANDPACKAGING has operated under a simple, but focused, directive: give our readers the tools to build their brands with packaging as a vital component of the marketing mix. Each month, we focus on strategy, development and trends—all with an eye toward showcasing the most innovative packaging about to hit the shelves.
In addition to our print publication, we maintain extensive archives on our web site (; we organize the annual Packaging that Sells conference (; and we publish our annual Design Gallery hardbound edition. All of these efforts support our most basic mission to make packaging the star.
But this year, as we started thinking about our brand, we took a good look at what might be missing from our offering. We felt certain we’d done our jobs in presenting the results of the hard work undertaken by countless brand marketers, brand consultants and package designers. But what about the story behind the story?
You see, everyone deserves a pat on the back every now and then—as recognition for a job well done, and more importantly, as encouragement to keep fighting the good fight. Many of you face uphill battles within your organizations and struggle with the challenge of convincing the “powers that be” that packaging is much more than a tactical tool.
So, what if our editors searched high and low to identify those individuals whose commitment to making an impact on their brands through packaging was clear. What if we brought you their stories: their struggles, challenges, successes and setbacks? The inspiration for our first annual brandinnovators issue was born.
We hope that the folks we’ve profiled in this issue will help pave the way for even more appreciation for the power that packaging has in strengthening a brand. We applaud our brandinnovators for their individual successes but, more importantly, for their collective achievement in elevating the discussion about packaging and thus raising the water level for us all.