Do You “Get It”
Jennifer Acevedo,
Or, better yet, do you want to?
Being the busy editorial team that we are, we often use verbal “shorthand” in BRANDPACKAGING. Our mission, as you well know, is to bring you a unique blend of strategy, design and technology that, when utilized to its fullest, makes for some of the most innovative packaging in the marketplace. Packaging that sells.
We work hard within the pages of this magazine to identify those brands who have made it their mission elevate the dialogue about packaging—to leverage packaging as the strategic marketing tool that it is. In the most simple of terms, those brands, and the individuals who drive their success, that “get it”.
On November 1 + 2, BRANDPACKAGING will host its fourth annual Packaging that Sells conference. I’d like to invite you to attend the event, designed to help brand marketers and your design and development teams learn to better manage the increasingly vital link between your package and your brand.
We’ve just added the following presenters to our already dynamic program:
Creating Value With Design: The Procter & Gamble Journey, Elizabeth Olson, general manager, Procter & Gamble Beauty Design
Integrating Brand Experience and Brand Identity, Randy Swann, Senior Project Design Leader, Ocean Spray, and Rob Wallace, Managing Partner Strategy, Wallace Church
Making a Global Design Work Locally, Randy Bakes, Worldwide Brand Manager, Stayfree (Johnson & Johnson), and Scott Lucas, Executive Director, Packaging North America, Interbrand
Collaborative Innovation: The Proof is in the Package, Patrick Henry de Macedo, Brand Manager, Heinz Ketchup, and Peter Clarke, President and Founder, Product Ventures Ltd.
Hear presentations from this dynamic group and others at Packaging that Sells IV: Power Your Brand through Packaging. This year, we’re co-locating with Pack Expo International and offering an unprecedented opportunity to interact with other brand marketers, designers and thought leaders involved in a range of functions. In short, the folks that truly “get it”. I hope you’ll join us.
For more information, please visit or call us at 800.337.8989.