I vividly remember the first brand whose packaging I fell in love with, Village Lip Lickers. Never mind the not-so-great name, it was the vintage-inspired design and atypical packaging that spoke to my 11-year-old heart. You see this was no ordinary tube of waxy medicinal lip balm; this was scented and flavored lip gloss packaged in what I now know is a cubic ape slide-top tin container. But all I knew then was that I HAD to have it. And I wasn’t the only one. If you don’t believe me, show this page to any female Gen Xer and she'll launch into a story about her favorite flavor.

What was it about the branding and packaging of lip gloss in a little gold tin that created a sensation? Maybe it was the kid-friendly illustrations combined with ringmaster typography that read like an invitation to try something new and exciting. Or was it the detailed scrolls and DIY flowers that looked like something the older girls would doodle on their notebooks or blue jeans? The answer, I think, is both. The appeal of the packaging was likely the combination of child-like whimsy and teenage irreverence.

After going down the Pinterest rabbit hole, I emerged understanding that nostalgia is not only powerful, it’s profitable. Turns out TINte Cosmetics is offering a reboot of Village Lip Lickers on its website. It’s apparent that trends not only come and go they often come back again—usually in 20-year cycles.

Speaking of trends, this first issue of 2018 examines the trends and insights we’re seeing in the industry as a whole, as well as in specific categories. And in the new column, Brand Perspective, a top branding agency discusses design, packaging, and the importance of storytelling.

Did I mention that I’m Kristin, your new editor of BrandPACKAGING? Sorry for not introducing myself sooner, but I get a bit carried away when it comes to design, branding and how the two come together in packaging.

I’m curious, do you remember the first brand whose packaging caught your eye? Or how about the brands you think are currently on point with their packaging?

I’d love to hear from you!