L’Oreal-funded Seed Phytonutrients says it’s the first brand to launch a shower-proof, water-resistant paper bottle made from 100 percent recycled post-consumer paper. Like an eco-friendly, grown-up version of a Cracker Jack box, the bottle also contains a surprise inside. Once the product is used the interlocking packaging (sans glue) pulls apart to reveal a packet of organic heirloom seeds sourced by the Hudson Valley Seed Company, a farm in upstate New York. The interior liner that houses the seeds is made from 100 percent post-consumer food-grade recycled plastic that is 60 percent thinner than typical plastic bottles. The containers can also be shipped nested, making them more efficient to transport than traditional packaging. Although post-consumer paper is currently being used, the goal is to create zero waste containers from their own waste paper and cardboard boxes.

The line includes hair, face and body products that are all made with organically grown sunflower seed oil and camelina seed oil. Seed Phytonutrients will be available on April 22 (Earth Day).