Cosmeceuticals Brand Puts On A New Face
By Jennifer Acevedo

Combine a rapidly aging population with relentless exposure to cultural beauty “ideals”, and it’s easy to understand why the cosmeceuticals industry is booming. Demand for cosmeceutical products in the United States is estimated to grow to more than $8 billion by 2010, according to a recent study by The Freedonia Group.
SkinMedica is a well-established brand in this booming industry—and to reflect its position, the company realized the time had come to transform its array of stock packaging to more cohesive branding using custom packaging structures.
 Structural packaging innovation firm 4sight inc. was charged with creating packaging that communicated the uniqueness of the SkinMedica brand while achieving greater efficiencies in manufacturing and component costs. An examination of the product line showed enough commonality in size and functional requirements to dramatically reduce the number of package components. “This gave SkinMedica the ability to develop custom packaging within their budgetary constraints,” says Stuart Leslie, 4sight president.
Image boards illustrated an overall aesthetic that conveyed beauty and technology with simple geometric, elegant forms that also told the story of SkinMedica’s scientific heritage.  
A different color and icon identifies each category within the line, making it easier to differentiate each product. A light silver grey/platinum pearlesque translucent finish complements the new structures.  
“Not only do the new custom components developed by 4sight give our products a more modern and high end appearance, but the change from jars to bottles and the new structure also enhance the functionality,” said Sara Sweeney, senior product manager, Cosmeceutical. “For example, 4sight designed our facial cleanser and replenishing lotion in an inverted position so the bottles stand on the cap, allowing the product to flow out more quickly.”
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