Flexible Technologies announces a rebrand to Kala Packaging. The new branding conveys a fresh sense of collaboration within supply chain intended to invoke actionable change in the way labels and packaging are created and purchased. FlexTech enlisted Utah-based branding team Goal to produce the design and messaging elements of the Kala brand including the new website www.withkala.com.

“Kala is all about the experience we provide our customers,” said Nikki Johnson, executive vice president and general manager. “Our approach is to spark imagination within brand marketing teams to help them understand all that digital printing has to offer the label and packaging space. The rebrand is an effort to communicate our Why - There’s always a better way. The team really delivered, and we anticipate rapid growth for Kala and our customers.”

President and Founder Maui Chai added: “Kala is the new face of FlexTech. The same guiding principles that produced our innovative and customer-focused reputation are even more alive under the Kala brand. The Kala team is excited to continue providing customers with the products and services they have grown to love as well as introduce new solutions to new markets.”

The company was founded in 2002 and remains under the same ownership. Kala maintains one of the most extensive HP Indigo platforms in the world and has emerged as a global leader in digital and flexographic printing, selling labeling and packaging solutions to brand owners, supply chain professionals, entrepreneurs and manufacturers.