Heritage Brand Looks to the Future
The oldest deodorant brand in the world is looking to the future. Once packaged in small tin cans in the late 19th century, Mum roll-on deodorant is now housed in classically restyled containers with clear and black glass supplied by the Gerresheimer Group (www.gerresheimer.com). Mum is manufactured by Swiss cosmetics company Doetsch Grether.
A high waist invites the consumer to pick up and hold the smooth, cylindrical package. Enormous style is given to the design by the texturing of the glass, in which traditional shapes dissolve. Clear glass is used for five variants, which are distinguished by caps and printing in different colors, while black glass is used for the sixth product.
Personal Care Line for Kids Adds Element of Fun
Imagicare is a line of personal care products designed to help kids acquire good hygiene habits through play with their parents. Brand owner Laboratorios Dermofarm’s mission: “We believe that learning to take care of oneself can be an exciting adventure.”
Two of the company’s products, housed in custom 250-mL bottles, now include foaming dispensers from Rexam Airspray (www.rexamairspray.com).
The Imagicare “Hands Up!” box includes cleaning wipes, a unique Imagicare stand for the soap product, stickers and felt-tip pens, and the hand soap itself. The second product is the “Good Night” box, a bath mousse that cleanses, moisturizes and relaxes, with ingredients including cotton, lotus flower and lavender.