In the Limelight

Whether you’ve selected a shrink-sleeve label for its wraparound billboard effect or a clear pressure-sensitive label for that “no-label look”, you probably realize that labels can do much more than simply communicate your product’s attributes or deliver eye-popping graphics. We’ve selected three examples of labels that help brands connect with consumers and win a coveted spot in the shopping basket.
Clear Label Delivers Clean, On-Trend Look
When Schweppes (Spain) launched a line of flavored, sugar-free teas under the Trina Spirit brand name, the goal was to reach young consumers. Following extensive market research, Schweppes developed a package with a clean, contemporary look to meet target consumer needs.
“Trina Spirit uses a larger bottle with a twist-off cap with a wide mouth for ergonomic and product visibility benefits,” says Soco Trejo, director of marketing, Schweppes. “Our goal is to rejuvenate Trina and target young people.”
A pressure-sensitive clear film label from Spear supports that strategy and conveys the product’s premium nature. To support the launch, the brand illuminated the city of Madrid in colors of the beverage’s four flavors: lemon, melon, peach and apple.
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Clear p-s label. At Spear, call 800.627.7327 or visit
Cognac Sleeve Offers a Tactile Experience
As this month’s cover story attests, consumers are searching for a stronger emotional connection with the brands they buy. The use of innovative materials that add sensory appeal to packaging has been an effective way for marketers to achieve this connection.
For its limited series of XO Cognac flasks, Cognac de Luze selected Skinsleever shrink sleeve labels, which add a tactile dimension to the luxury spirit. The result of four years of R&D, the material recreates the hand feel of six leather finishes—including lizard, python and ostrich—in a palette of contemporary colors. A proprietary shrink film developed by Sleever Technologies undergoes a helio-engraving printing process in eight to nine colors to reproduce the subtle effects of luxury leathers.
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Shrink label. At Sleever Technologies, call + or visit
Photorealistic Label Looks “Drenched in Chocolate”
Shrink-sleeve labels, which can conform to virtually any shape and offer 360 degrees of billboard space, are an effective means of delivering critical shelf pop. Nowhere is that more evident than in the packaging for Neilson’s The Ultimate Chocolate Milk. One-liter bottles sport premium print quality shrink sleeves from Alcoa Flexible Packaging.
Utilizing fine quality rotogravure printing, the reverse-printed 50-micron PET shrink sleeve label is printed in seven colors to produce a label that appears drenched in chocolate milk. The photorealistic graphics of luscious chocolate milk being poured into a translucent glass with condensation droplets captures consumers’ attention on-shelf.
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