Extending Convenience With A Premium Look

By Jennifer Acevedo

Consumers depend on convenience products to keep their busy lives on-track and to keep themselves and their offspring neat and clean. And, beginning this spring, they have a bevy of new options to consider.
That’s when health and beauty care brand owner HBA Manufacturing extended its iCare brand of antibacterial wipes, rolling out several new versions for cosmetic/face care, childcare, eyewear, and health care in plastic tubs and pouches for on-the-go lifestyles.
New York-based brand design firm, Moxie™ redesigned the original iCare brandmark and revamped the packaging architecture for existing products and to suit the line extensions as well. “The redesign called for a premium and cohesive look and feel, while also creating an architecture that allows each product to compete against other top tier brands in [its] respective category,” says Tammy Vaserstein, Creative, Principal, Moxie.
The new iCare brandmark was designed with a bold sans serif typeface for visual impact; round letterforms evoke the product’s softness. A dimensional drop was added above the typeface in bright blue to convey the idea of moisture, while letterforms that are printed in silver foil communicate quality. The brandmark rests comfortably within an arch that clearly indicates where the package is to be opened and extends to a larger panel that contains all of the product information. These basic elements create a template for each product, lending consistency to the line, while also allowing enough area on the label for design elements appropriate for each category.
The redesign of the antibacterial wipes retains the equity of the familiar orange package that also communicates the citrus scent. A gradation on the label, a stylized orange graphic and clean, crisp typography add to the premium image. In addition to the plastic tubs and pouches, a liquid hand sanitizer is available in a plastic bottle.
For the new Kids Fresh wipes, primary colors of basic blue and yellow call immediate attention to moms but also appeal to kids. The yellow handprint and an illustration of a child at play make it easy to shop the category.
For mom, the make-up remover cleansing towlettes come in two varieties: regular (with aloe and vitamin E) and anti-aging (with added vitamin A, retinol, and collagen). Pale green and blue shades communicate the soothing, cleansing and hypoallergenic elements of the product. A metallic finish adds to the premium look.
Finally, the lens care wipes are packaged in metallic silver with a blue and silver gradient label adding a modern, gender-neutral look.
The products are rolling out nationally in large drug store chains such as Duane Reade and Rite Aid.
The author, Jennifer Acevedo, is the Editor-in-Chief of BRANDPACKAGING magazine. Contact Jennifer at jacevedo@stagnito.com
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