“Gum Ball” Boosts Consumption
Cadbury France’s Hollywood chewing gum has been launched in an innovative new spherical pack designed to increase consumption. Also marketed as Trident in Spain and Stimorol in Northern Europe, the gum comes in 70-count packages, instead of the 10 or 20 currently offered in conventional chewing gum packs.
“The idea of the new pack is to create a new pattern of gum consumption,” explains Fabien Guyot, packaging development manager, Cadbury Schweppes. “Rather than carry the pack with them, people will leave one at home, in the office, or in the car, creating points in their daily routine at which they can enjoy the pleasure of chewing gum.”
The package features a full body shrink sleeve from Sleever International (www.sleever.com) that lends tamper evidence and ample room for product information. The new launch is reportedly designed to capitalize on fast-moving growth in the gum market, which saw a 16 percent increase in sales in the first eight months of 2006.
Communicating convenience and quality was key to the marketing strategy behind leading natural pet food manufacturer Forthglade’s Life Stage Menu and Natural Menu for Dogs. The line of freshly prepared foods features high meat content and is sterilized and sealed in trays for optimum shelf life and ease of handling.
Packaging was key for the brand from the start, and it turned to RPC Bebo UK Corby (www.rpc-corby.co.uk) to develop a solution that met a variety of requirements. “These are high quality meals cooked in the tray, so it was essential that the packs could withstand the high temperatures of the cooking process,” explains Bruce Palmer, Forthglade chairman. “Equally important, they had to be convenient to handle, easy to open, and convey a quality image on shelf.”
The brand settled on trays that are thermoformed in polypropylene with EVOH for oxygen barrier. The trays provide an ambient shelf life of nine months and are produced in both black and white to align with outer sleeve graphics.
From the people behind the UK’s leading organic and natural foods retailer (Fresh & Wild), nude is a new range of eco-friendly face and body products inspired by the idea that what we put on our skin is as important as what we put in our mouths. The products are 100 percent natural; organic where possible; and free from harsh chemicals such as parabens and sulphates. Packaging for the brand was inspired by pebbles, and it communicates the simplicity and purity of the products with a clean, minimal look, natural and curved shapes and a muted, earthy color palette. Designed by Pearlfisher (www.pearlfisher.com), the line does not stop at anything to be as eco-friendly as possible—even the product information labels are 100 percent biodegradable. Nude will be offered in Whole Food Markets located in London, various Harvey Nichols around the UK, and online at www.nudeskincare.com.
Colortrend, one of Ireland’s leading independent paint brands, has repositioned its line of paint cans and buckets to enhance consumer appeal and present a consistent quality image for the premium paint. Colortrend selected an in-mold-labeled container from RPC Containers Oakham (www.rpc-oakham.co.uk) to deliver full-color graphics designed to appeal to its most influential consumer.
“Market research has identified that women are a key customer for Colortrend,” says Barbera Mellerick, the company’s marketing manager. “Our previous packaging was quite plain, and we were keen to adopt more of a lifestyle approach to our presentation. The new matching look is more consumer-friendly and appeals directly to the target market.”
The same full-color graphics were carried across all container types and sizes in the line for the first time—another key objective for the rebranding.