How Are We Doing?
Jennifer Acevedo, Editor-in-Chief

A year ago, we launched our first brandinnovators issue with recognition that, each month, we focus on the strategy, development and trends that contribute to some of the most innovative packaging in the marketplace. Works out pretty well. But for this inaugural special issue, we felt strongly that it was time to begin recognizing the “story behind the story”, those individuals who push the envelope, take chances and fight the often uphill battle within their organizations to ensure that packaging is not relegated to “the last decoration station” but rather is an integral part of brand strategy—and (this is important) from the start.
Our goal was to shine the spotlight on those brands and the individuals behind the scenes, who are delivering on some of the most challenging issues our industry faces currently; to answer questions we hear consistently from our readers: how do I demonstrate packaging ROI, what’s the best way to deliver sustainable solutions, can packaging increase product consumption, or build consumer loyalty?
You’re now holding our second issue dedicated to brand innovators. Within these pages you’ll find examples of individuals (and teams of individuals) who have achieved these very goals, using packaging as a powerful component of their overall brand strategy. Some of these faces will be familiar, and some, I suspect, will become familiar. From Wal-Mart to Timberland to Publix to Kimberly-Clark, these are organizations that are fostering packaging innovation and looking forward.
We applaud this year’s brandinnovators not only for their individual successes but, more importantly, for their collective achievement in elevating the discussion about packaging and thus raising the bar for all of us.
Let me offer a reminder as you’re making your fourth quarter travel plans to consider our Packaging that Sells V event. The conference, which is the only event that brings brand marketers, brand designers, innovations professionals and retailers together to share ideas and success stories about packaging, will be held at The Drake Hotel in Chicago, Oct. 4-5. We are putting the finishing touches on a dynamic and engaging lineup of speakers, and will also be honoring our brand innovators at a special cocktail reception on the evening of Oct. 4. More information is available at I look forward to seeing you in Chicago again this year!