Save This box
Chances are you’ll do a double take at Noa Perle Eau de Parfum’s beautiful secondary packaging. The silver sphere that echoes the shape of the bottle inside the carton seems to shimmer, thanks to proprietary print techniques that use holographic inks and specially formulated green and purple colors. Structural design/carton production: Edelmann Group ( Graphic design: Patrick Veillet (
Temptation, On Display
What appears at first glance to be a relatively simple structure is actually an innovative carton that transforms into an elegant display for Collection Coppeneur’s Pralinés-Etui chocolates. The carton’s ends slide apart—to reveal the decadent treats inside—then fold down so that the package stands like a small table. Structural design/carton production: Aug. Heinrigs Druck + Verpackung (
The Ultimate Impulse Buy
Dubbed the “tricky box” by champagne brand Veuve Clicquot, this boldly colored carton doubles as an ice bucket—because you just never know when a celebration might break out. The carton’s clever construction features a removable top that allows full access to the inside, making it easy to fill with ice, grab the handles, and go. Structural design/carton production: Cartografica Pusterla (