The Future Is Mobile

When used to its full potential, packaging refers back to the brand and leverages its chief assets. It also has the power to become the most important customer touchpoint—making the brand tangible by placing it in customers’ hands. More and more, marketers are taking that concept a step further, and incorporating intelligent technologies into their brand’s packaging. We most recently reported on this topic in our July 2007 issue (archives at

Imagine connecting with your consumers on the most personal level, creating more targeted and relevant marketing campaigns, driving higher conversion rates for direct response marketing and increasing brand exposure.
Graphic Packaging has introduced technology, dubbed Snap2C, that allows consumers to use camera-equipped cell phones and interactive mobile technology to scan on-pack graphics and codes to immediately access in-store promotions as well as download songs, videos, ring tones or special movie previews.
“There are three billion mobile phones in the world. There are 2.5 times more cell phones than Internet connections,” says Charles Brignac, marketing manager of retail packaging solutions at Graphic Packaging. “This means today’s consumers of all ages are increasingly use mobile data communication for quick and easy access to information.”
Designed to enhance paperboard packaging, the technology also makes it possible for consumers to participate in sweepstakes entries, loyalty points programs, product surveys, event marketing or get answers to product questions.