BP0612_BL_InBody.jpgFor 30 years, former IT consultant and retail company owner Keith Kullberg was making refried beans from scratch in his home in Oregon. However, in 2009, he decided to share his recipe with the world and founded The Better Bean Co. The refrigerated beans are freshly prepared (not canned), and they are made with all-natural and local ingredients. Although the beans were recently rated one of the top 15 vegan products at Expo West 2012, Kullberg felt that the packaging was lost on shelf and needed a new look. Therefore, in May 2012, Kullberg redesigned Better Bean’s packaging.

The updated design features “one-seal” technology that is sustainable, resealable and durable. Kullberg also traded out the circular packaging for a square container with a flat lid that creates a billboard effect. Additionally, the varieties are color-coded and each lid introduces consumers to the “World of Rethought Beans.”

Even though the redesigned packaging has only been on shelves for a few months, The Better Bean Co. is “getting lots of love,” Kullberg says. He reports that consumers’ children are cleaning out the containers and collecting them. They also are seeing an uplift in sales, and more and more retailers are picking up the product. Before the redesign, the brand was in 120 stores in four states. However, as of June, the brand was in 200 stores. By the end of the year, Kullberg expects it to be in 400 stores in 10 states.

Conceptual Design
14 Hands design

Final Design
Imagina Creative LLC

Jon Canell

Spartech Corp.