Founded in April of 2002, Ocado is the only dedicated online supermarket in the U.K. and the largest dedicated online supermarket by turnover in the world, according to the online grocer. However, despite the company’s success, Ocado wanted to update the look and feel of its own-label products.

Therefore, Ocado turned to packaging design and brand agency JKR. Because Ocado products are bought online, JKR was able to focus the redesign on strengthening brand affinity rather than on ease of shelf navigation or appetite appeal.

The new look, which was launched in March of 2012, features the brand’s iconic swirl in a range of vibrant colors and patterns. According to Matt Gilpin, design director at JKR, “Using the brand’s existing color palette, we created exciting combinations to complement the product and appeal to the customer.”

THE BOTTOM LINE: Products featuring the new design have experienced a 38 percent increase in volume sales, which represents a 22 percent volume increase above the non-updated lines. In addition, almost 80 percent of existing customers now have Ocado own-brand products in their basket, as compared to 69 percent prior to the redesign.

“The packaging [of Ocado own-label] needed to work hard, not just to reflect the simple, honest quality of the produce, but to have standout on the website and in our customer's cupboards and fridges. Well, it ticks all the boxes; I'm thrilled with it," says Jason Gissing, commercial director and Ocado co-founder.