A slice of roasted turkey. Hummus. Jam. Cheese. For decades, people have enjoyed Triscuit crackers adorned with a host of sweet and savory toppings. In fact, through years of tantalizing recipes and imagery depicting delicious pairings, Triscuit has earned the esteemed title of "most topped cracker in America." But a new campaign from Triscuit seeks to make amends with "angry satisfied" customers who have discovered that delicious moment of truth of how great a Triscuit cracker can be when it's "topping-less."

 "For many years, we talked about how wonderful Triscuits can be when topped. However, we lost sight of how delicious a Triscuit cracker can taste when enjoyed right out of the box," says Jimmy Wu, senior brand manager for Triscuit. "But people are starting to call us on seemingly suggesting a Triscuit can only be topped. On behalf of Triscuit, I would like to apologize to Americans who feel that we've been hiding the great taste of this beloved cracker with toppings."

As a gesture of goodwill, Triscuit wants its fans to rediscover the great taste of an untopped Triscuit by giving away free boxes of Triscuit (or coupons redeemable for a free box) to consumers who write a letter of complaint on www.ToppersTantrum.com or www.facebook.com/triscuit, while supplies last. Through September 9th, consumers will have a chance to receive one of 15,000 free boxes or 112,000 free box coupons, as a way to say "please pardon our cheese."

Marking the first time the advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky has teamed with Triscuit, the Topper's Tantrum campaign features a series of humorous advertisements highlighting an "angry satisfied" consumer who up until now has been robbed of the delicious taste of Triscuit because of past topping suggestions and package designs that depict Triscuit crackers topped. The series of print and broadcast advertisements began running nationally on August 6, 2012 and will continue to run through September.

"A campaign featuring unhappy customers is bold and unorthodox. But it allows us to talk about the great taste of Triscuit, something that's literally been covered up in the brand's image for decades," said Tony Calcao, EVP/executive creative director at CP+B.