According to the problem that half of all food produced worldwide is reportedly disposed of, INCPEN, an institute for packaging, states packaging plays a key role as an avoidance strategy.

Without packaging, manufacturing, transport, distribution, supplies and purchases would be difficult for practically all consumable goods. The kind for packaging makes the difference.

Until now, poor storage, strict orientation toward the "best before" date, special offers for larger packs and consumer behavior all contribute toward the fact that increasing amounts of food are simply thrown away. The institute claims that packaging can play an outstanding role in this environment in order to develop practical solutions to the problem.

High-quality packaging can significantly reduce food wastage along the supply chain if it is capable of considerably prolonging durability and shelf life, ensuring non-hazardous and safe transport and taking into consideration the changes in lifestyle and consumer habits. With reference to its protective and conserving properties, packaging today can be regarded as the one of the most important kinds of green technology.

Actega DS attributes top priority to avoiding food wastage, promoting environmentally compatible packaging and packaging solutions capable of meeting the challenges of the future. The company offers a variety of products for the development and manufacture of packaging, including PROVALIN, a compound which is reportedly free of PVC and plasticizers for metal vacuum seals. Actega states that practically all requirements concerning contents, sealing processes, storage and seal sizes can be complied with, and there are no restrictions during the filling and sealing process — including hot- and cold-filling as well as subsequent heat treatment such as pasteurization and sterilization — or in terms of the lid size.

It also offers Svelon, representing various versions of PVC-free granulate for crown corks and aluminum seals for beer, mineral water, wine, etc., and Oxylon, a barrier compound specifically meant for protecting beverages against oxygen and other volatile substances. 

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