Shurtape, a tape manufacturer which desires to be committed to the packaging industry by making relentlessly reliable tapes for those with the highest, most exacting standards, announces that the company’ has become a new benefactor to the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP).

Shurtape joins a group of approximately 20 organizations — packagers, suppliers, converters and other service providers — that are dedicated to the function of packaging. Shurtape’s contribution as a benefactor will help IoPP cultivate packaging-related educational and professional development programs.

“From our packaging tapes that perform right down to the core to the patent-pending technology applied to our latest tape heads, Shurtape is committed to the success of packaging professionals,” said Bill DeWitt, market manager – packaging, for Shurtape. “We are excited to join IoPP as a benefactor and look forward to contributing to the packaging community through education and more.”