NNZ Inc. will introduce its new “Snack Fresh” Package at the 2013 United Fresh Expo in San Diego, Calif. The “Snack Fresh” package has been chosen as one of the finalists for the United Fresh New Product Awards, in the best new packaging category.

“Snack Fresh” is designed as a grab-and-go, high graphic, earth-friendly and merchandisable package — for fresh picked berries, grape tomatoes, or grapes — that comes in portion-controlled sizes. It is intended to be consumer friendly (especially for kids) and reportedly takes up considerably less retail shelf space, cooler space and distribution channel space than traditional clamshell packaging. One of the big advantages is that it is packed in display-ready transport boxes.

Helmut Leili is the inventor and founder of Cardinal Fresh, i.e. “Snack Fresh”. Helmut was looking to make a package that would increase consumption of small fresh fruits and vegetables( normally sold in clamshells) that was also made from sustainable materials, economical, easy to eat on the run, and that could be used to help consumers make better health choices for snacks, especially for kids.

Market studies show that most consumers will make good choices if they don’t have to purchase large quantities of produce when they only want a single-serving portion of something healthy. “Snack Fresh” gives them that choice, while at the same time offering a complete size range opportunity.

One of the goals of “Snack Fresh” was the idea of “farm to fork.” The package is made of paperboard and the plastic window film can be made of PLA or other similar compostable films. The product is produced from 100 percent sustainable and renewable sources. Growers/marketers that have full sustainability programs can now add sustainability through the supply chain. A shelf life independent study was done last year and the results showed considerably less weight loss for blueberries and grape tomatoes which yielded a longer shelf life over clamshells.

Because of the height to footprint ratio, combined with the stackable retail display-ready transport box, the “Snack Fresh” package offers an economy of scale allowing for significantly more units to be transported per pallet, thus lowering shipping costs. The extended shelf life also plays into a more efficient supply chain by allowing the product to go longer distances and allowing grower/packers to reach customers further away.

The package footprint is also specifically designed to deliver twice as much product per foot of retail shelf space as conventional clamshells. The retail display-ready shipping component allows retail flexibility of in-store sales locations and cross marketing. Many companies also like that their branding can have a continuous flow throughout their product line, including their fresh produce products.