LubripackRPC Gent announces its new range, Lubripack.

Created to be innovative and user-friendly, and with measurements that equal the existing Autopack II range, the new design has an upscale, modern appearance designed to appeal to different market segments besides the traditional automotive. It has been created after an in-depth market research program, in response to customer needs.

The design takes into account current trends for high on-shelf visibility with a large labeling area, so the new addition allows the incorporation of eye-catching layouts or graphics.

The new range will be available in 1L and 5L sizes during introduction but other capacities such as 2L and 4L will follow. The 1L will weigh 55g and the 5L will weigh 180g. And the Lubripack range will be available in colours such as black, light grey, graphite grey or even in customized colours, depending on order size.