I AmWorld Wide Packaging LLC., a leading provider of cosmetic packaging components and plastic tubes, has developed and manufactured a unique-to-client tube for a reportedly posh new line of skin crèmes from I Am Fragrance, a manufacturer and supplier of fragranced luxury beauty products. The company’s I Am hand crème line consists of nine set-to-mindset fragrances, including “I Am Love,” “I Am Peace” and “I Am Me.”

The I Am line of hand crèmes will be housed in a 30mm foil polymer tube with a unique-to-client octagonal cap. Each tube contains 2oz of product.

Color selection for the new line’s packaging was both comprehensive and cooperative. The I Am line’s mood-mindful diversity led to a large number of careful decisions regarding tube color choices. World Wide Packaging worked with Product 360, I am fragrance’s design partners, to ensure that the customer’s colors complemented each crème’s name and scent with an appropriate tube hue and tone. WWP provided expertise and support to guarantee the deco colors were vibrant on each tube.

“Determining and perfecting the color matches of each metallic glowing tube was particularly challenging, because each of the nine fragrances is unique yet contained in a set brand,” says Jim Farley, vice president of Global Business Development at World Wide Packaging LLC. “For that reason, the colors needed to be dramatically different from one another while still making sense within the uniformity of a branded line. For example, ‘I Am True’ and ‘I Am Naughty’ are not only two separate scents but different mindsets entirely — and the packaging for each had to reflect that distinction while still staying true to brand.”

The color schemes for the nine I Am skin crèmes are:

• I Am Love: Vibrant red
• I Am Peace: Turquoise
• I Am Me: Charcoal grey
• I Am True: Teal
• I Am Naughty: Hot pink
• I Am Naked: Pale pink
• I Am Blessed: Mint green
• I Am Free: Neon green
• I Am Hot: Vibrant orange