EcollagenBrand design agency ButterflyCannon has refreshed the design and messaging for Ecollagen, one of Oriflame's key strategic skincare brands.

ButterflyCannon was charged with visually translating the key brand message, creating an advanced skincare aesthetic with an easy to navigate packaging range architecture. According to Oriflame, Ecollagen's point of difference is its use of leading edge plant cell technology to boost skin’s collagen production. The new brand identity and packaging design therefore needed to enhance this natural science positioning. Through ButterflyCannon's specification of innovative Merck inks and the elegant structural redesign for the serums and cleanser bottles, the range has been able to increase its appeal to consumers, says the agency.

“We are very proud of the design work we created for Ecollagen; being trusted with such a well-performing brand is a great honor. We feel through our design work — both structural and graphical, we have captured a true balance of science and nature, reflecting the efficacy and purity of these great products” reports Jon Davies, creative director, ButterflyCannon.

“Working with ButterflyCannon was a pleasure. They really listened and understood what we were trying to achieve and their design work has successfully captured the real essence of the brand,” says Marta Sokolowska, global senior brand manager, Oriflame Cosmetics.